Asian Research Index aims

Free Access

To provide free access to high quality scientific literature at one platform.

Help Publishers

To help publishers make the publishing platform better and more accessible for scientific community.

Help Journals

To help journals serve authors in a better way by properly presenting their articles thus inviting more citations.

Availability of Literature

To make high quality Asian literature more visible at global level by increasing traffic to the journal site

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The list of projects of ARI is as follows

Books Table of Contents Index

Currently 5,270,505 books, 56,049,112 chapters, and 4,066,940 links are indexed.

Theses Index

Currently 20362 theses of religious studies, 32134 theses of social sciences and humanities, 25378 theses of natural sciences, and 15543 theses of engineering & technology are indexed.

Religious Studies Index

Currently 78 journals, 100 issues, 1294 articles, and 1151 scholars are indexed in the Religious Studies Index.

Natural Sciences Index

Currently 38 journals, 1 issues, 5 articles, and 10 scholars are indexed in the Natural Sciences Index.

Social Sciences & Humanities Index

Currently 104 journals, 15 issues, 153 articles, and 329 scholars are indexed in the Social Sciences & Humanities Index.

Engineering & Technology Index

Currently 5 journals, 0 issues, 0 articles, and 0 scholars are indexed in the Engineering & Technology Index.

Indexation Process


1. Only those journals which come under ARI's scope will be indexed

2. Journals having functional website and all previous issues upload on its website will be indexed

3. Journals which have valid ISSN will be indexed

4. Journals with clearly mentioned editorial board on the website will be indexed

5. Only those of the above journals will be indexed which fulfill our internal review criteria/process













About Us

Asian Research Index (ARI) is an online indexing service for providing free access to open accessed, peer reviewed, high quality online research journals. ARI is independent, whose funds are collected merely through donations of the Board Directors and other sponsors.
ARI is a joint venture of Life Sciences Society and Pakistan Society of Religions. Indexing of journals in ARI is free of cost including data availability online. Our current focus is to increase visibility of Asian Literature through our platform.

Our History

ARI was established in December 2019.

Indexation of Religious Studies journals was started on January 2020.

Indexation of Social Sciences & Humanities journals is started on April 27, 2020.

Indexation of Natural Sciences journals is started on April 27, 2020.

Indexation of Engineering & Technology journals is started on April 27, 2020.

Inauguration of web based journal submission system on June 7, 2020.

Indexation of theses started on August 14, 2020.

Indexed metadata of 50000 theses on August 30, 2020.

Indexed metadata of 70000 theses on December 18, 2021.

Indexed metadata of 80000 theses on August 15, 2022.

Indexation of Table of Contents of Books is started on December 1, 2022.

Indexed metadata of 90000 theses on February 18, 2023.

Indexed Table of Contents of 2.5 of Books March 23, 2023۔


Asian Research Index (ARI) is an online indexing service for providing free access to open accessed, peer reviewed, high quality online research journals.
Currently ARI is indexing only Religious Studies journal. If you own a journal you can submit it in ARI by clicking here
Currently, there are no submission charges.


Progress of ARI since January 2020

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